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2011-12-21 06:54 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Intro Post!

Hello! My name is Gabe. I'm a 24 year old American female who likes to do such geeky things as roleplaying, reading, drawing, and playing video games.

You can find me at these various journals:
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You can also find me on Plurk at beastandkey.
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2012-01-11 11:40 am
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Ramble Ramble.

How about proper journal entry this time?

I'm certainly calmer than last night, though I don't really wish to talk about that. I started going back to work again this week, which has been strangely comforting. Breaks are very nice, but once they start to stretch on too long I tend to get bored and depressed. Not to mention there is that ever so pertinent money issue that goes along with school breaks. I'd much rather be working them as it means I wouldn't have to worry so much about my bills during the holidays.

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2012-01-05 11:55 am
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The Curiousities of the Internet

Edit: ...oh, I ended up making it. [community profile] internetcuriosities
Please join and post if you think you might be interested!

I almost want to make a community, though I don't know how I'd advertise or get it going, but basically: a community exploring the culture of the internet, specifically roleplay communities.

Various topics that interest me:
- the culture of slash
- what draws people to roleplaying
- etiquette in the roleplay community
- gender identity in the roleplay community
- the legal and moral issues of icons, gifs, fanart, and fanfiction
- the use of psuedonyms online
- use of assumed femininity in the roleplay community ( [personal profile] kalisona's fault)
- online friendships vs. "IRL" friendships

I think it could be a very interesting place of opinion and debate.