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Gabe ([personal profile] skaldadottir) wrote2011-12-21 06:54 pm

Intro Post!

Hello! My name is Gabe. I'm a 24 year old American female who likes to do such geeky things as roleplaying, reading, drawing, and playing video games.

You can find me at these various journals:
[personal profile] skaldadottir

[community profile] deckoffiftyone
(More extensive muselist)

[personal profile] cubofkai | Sanada Yukimura
[personal profile] emobard | Daeron of Doriath
[personal profile] goldenpuri | Shihoudani Yuujirou
[personal profile] redbelltolls | Saika Magoichi
[personal profile] singsforsouls | Toudou Naoya
[personal profile] singularjustice | N Harmonia

You can also find me on Plurk at beastandkey.

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