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Gabe ([personal profile] skaldadottir) wrote2012-01-11 11:22 am
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Checking Up

Goal | Not Started
Goal | Started
Goal | Finished
Goal | Sucking At

Roleplay and Fandom

→ Don't let tags sit more than a day.
Check my games' lists once a day.
→ Read 12 new books.
Finish 12 10 new games.
→ Watch 6 new shows.
→ Watch 12 new movies.

School and Work

Finish all websites taken on in 2011.
→ Create a professional website for myself.
Do timesheets daily instead of all at once.
→ Finish PDI.
→ Get a 4.0 Semester.
→ Bring cumulative GPA to or above a 3.5.
→ Do all homework when it is assigned (meaning no procrastination!).
→ Create study materials every week (instead of all right before tests...).
→ Say no to new jobs until all the old ones are finished!

Personal Development

→ Avoid arguments.
→ See the beauty in life.


Budget. No seriously this time. Make one and stick to it.
Start saving seriously.
→ No new games until I've finished all the ones I have.
→ No new books until I've finished all the ones I have...
→ Yep, same with movies.

Health and Physical

Work-out everyday. Whatever it is doesn't matter; I just need to keep up on it.
→ Learn yoga and meditation. I think it might help with my stress.
→ Get a professional massage.
→ Go to fighter practice twice a month.
→ Go to one war.
→ Build me some abs.
→ Be able to do 50 (good) push-ups in a row.
→ Be able to do a pull-up.
→ Be able to do a hand-stand.
Take the dog on a walk at least once a week.


366 days of creativity.


→ Send birthday presents out.
→ Visit a local friend once a month.
Get on Facebook at least once a week.
→ Invite someone out for coffee.
→ Visit at least one long-distance friend.
→ Do something really special for Grandma this year.
→ Visit Mom and Stepdad
→ Visit Granny

Things to Focus on This Week:
→ Going to fighter practice tonight. I need to pull out all my armor and make sure everything is in shape.
→ Websites, websites, websites. Get as much done as possible before the new semester.
→ Take the poor dog for a walk! Even though it's getting cold.