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Gabe ([personal profile] skaldadottir) wrote2012-01-05 11:55 am
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The Curiousities of the Internet

Edit: ...oh, I ended up making it. [community profile] internetcuriosities
Please join and post if you think you might be interested!

I almost want to make a community, though I don't know how I'd advertise or get it going, but basically: a community exploring the culture of the internet, specifically roleplay communities.

Various topics that interest me:
- the culture of slash
- what draws people to roleplaying
- etiquette in the roleplay community
- gender identity in the roleplay community
- the legal and moral issues of icons, gifs, fanart, and fanfiction
- the use of psuedonyms online
- use of assumed femininity in the roleplay community ( [personal profile] kalisona's fault)
- online friendships vs. "IRL" friendships

I think it could be a very interesting place of opinion and debate.

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