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Gabe ([personal profile] skaldadottir) wrote2012-01-04 11:14 pm
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One Of Those Days

...oh wow. A chronicle of today. It was one of those days.

3:40 AM - Woke up with horrible pain in my stomach.

4:30 AM - Got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Unpleasantness all around. Flu-like symptoms: diarrhea, nausea, and a fever. Kitten and I had a lovely moment where I was dry-heaving and she was hacking up a hairball, and we were very miserable together. Then I got hit with this really weird stage of being way too hot, sweating, and shaking. I had to lie on the couch without a shirt on until I started to get cold again. I don't know if the fever was breaking or what.

5:00 AM - Managed to get some ibuprofen down me with a tortilla. Pulled the armchair up next to the heater and started Samurai Warriors: State of War on the PSP. Fought as Yukimura until Grandma showed up.

8:00 AM - Wasn't feeling too good still, but better. Made it to my dentist appointment. Was soon in the chair; dental X-rays are really uncomfortable.

The root canal itself took a little over an hour. Got four needles of anesthetic for good measure, one straight in the tooth cavity. All sorts of fun. Was mildly painful at times, but after the sticks it didn't feel too bad, except for a couple times when he was at the very bottom of the roots.

9:30 AM - I made the dentist staff's life so much more exciting by walking up into the lobby, being fine for a few minutes, then right after giving some information about my mother's address, promptly passing out on the floor. Everyone was in a flurry, and Grandma was in tears, the poor dear. I think I was the calmest out of anyone, even though I was the one who woke up on the ground. The dentist assistants said they'd never have anyone faint on them before. At least I'll be well remembered.

Waking up from fainting is a really curious experience: the times I've done it, it's just like falling asleep. You don't remember falling asleep, and for a few moments while waking up, you're in that same, lazy disoriented state. You don't realize anything is wrong until you process the worried people around you, because hey, you were just taking a nap! What the hell, people.

Grandma freaked and called Dad, and made him drive down.

10:30 AM - Dad and my step-mom came, and we went out to lunch. Then took me home and I napped.

Wasn't feeling good most of the day, so I stayed in bed a lot. I wanted to go get a milkshake and found out my car's battery was dead. Took a good six hours for the thing to charge from my little plug in charger. Granted, the plug-in charger is great, just slow.

I got Ben & Jerry's to make up for it at midnight. Granted, my car problems could be much worse: there was someone's car sitting out in front of Walmart with a broken axle. Unpleasant.

Now, however, I think I am going to stop babbling and go to sleep. Zzzzz.